Prawn noodles

If the crab cake is Hai Phong specialties, when mentioning Cat Ba no one can forget the noodles shrimp. Whole shrimp, peeled and fried until the meat. The vermicelli presents a bowl, some shrimp, pork chopped fish, yellowed leaves, thinly chopped leaves, sliced chopped onions, then freshly chan nhung fresh water from the bone.


Surface is a seafood processed into many delicious dishes are loved in Cat Ba. The surface here is quite large, solid and meat, can be steamed up with beer, lemongrass, cut a small line along the back and split the meat. Or can be roasted salt, folded on a plate and covered with a layer of dry non-aromatic leaves that make it difficult for many people can not resist.

Sea Sam

Sam sea also known as horseshoe crabs, although they do not look like crabs at all. Because it can not be raised but must be caught in the wild, this is a source of originality, always fresh. Meat dishes are mouth-fake mouth, just rich nutrition. Sam in Cat Ba is often processed into a variety of dishes such as soup, soup, salad, fried flour, fried, ... served with hot spices such as galangal, lemongrass and chili.

Song Fish

Catfish in Cat Ba are caught naturally. With white meat, delicious taste and high nutritional content, this fish is considered one of the specialties on the island. The fish is cooked by the restaurants here into porridge, hot steam, steamed, roasted, roasted or steamed soy sauce. Any dish is delicious and has a characteristic flavor, not mixed with any other fish. You can look for food at some of the crowded seafood restaurants on Moundayan Street.


Comedy, or snail horn, is a favorite dish for many men because of rumors of the ability of the krill. Tu com is a specialty of Cat Ba island with soft and characteristic meat. Cat Ba people prepare this special seafood in many ways such as making salad, cooking porridge, grilling with fat, onion, pepper, garlic, nasal nose, but the best is still Delicious taste of food